Club Med Templates

Driving Revenue
Through Email

With a sales model that relies heavily on digital, email has always been a key performer for Club Med. To keep up with the latest in mobile, Club Med needed to implement responsive design and knew a visual refresh could boost conversion, tapping Artisan for the job.

Med Club Collage

First, Artisan modernized their brand's look and feel specifically for the modern inbox. A bold, color-rich approach immerses the reader immediately in the world of Club Med, which captivating content (think fun quizzes, dynamic counters, and snackable listicles) immediately.

Club Med icons

Next Generation

Responsive would be Club Med's biggest measure of success. In the traditional sense, this meant design that's functional across mobile and desktop. And in another, more human sense, this meant building a plug and play email template system that anyone on Club Med;s team - not just web developers - can easily modify and push out for whatever their business needs next.

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Club Med popups
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